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Supporting clients to
consciously step into
their story

If would like to access any of the MYSTERYM 
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Mysterym is the “Liminal Space Between” our outer and inner worlds.
It is the threshold where reality meets the imagination

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Creative Depth Coaching

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9 week programme

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Classes & workshops

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Creative Conversations

Transpersonal Psychology is a  branch of psychology focused on studying the spiritual and transcendental aspects of the human experience. 

"Before starting the process, I was definitely skeptical as to whether or not this kind of thing would work for me. I assume that most men in their 20s probably feel the same way. I do feel now that it has helped me and I believe that every kind of person can benefit from it. Mary-Rita can adapt to your needs."

Darren - Small  Business Owner 

Client Love

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"Working with Mary-Rita has been like an expansive breath of fresh air. I highly recommend connecting with her to explore how to YOU could take everything you say and do to a new level."

Julie Miles Lewis - Entrepreneur, Expedition Leader,  Author, Speaker 

“I highly recommend connecting with Mary-Rita. Whilst building my new career, I was guided through “MYSTERYM” which supported me in awakening to my authentic truth and to help me hone my skills in presenting my work to the world!”

 - Nadine Cortbawi - Personal Stylist 

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